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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
This sketch shows a typical single rudder twin cylinder steering system.
Rudder torques can be obtained up to 160 tonmeter with two cylinders. It is,
also possible to install four cylinders on a single rudder stock which would
double the rudder torque.
A typical twin rudder
steering system with
a mechanical tiebar.
Specialized Systems are also available.
T y p i c a l s t e e r i n g g e a r i n s t a l l a t i o n s
K o b e l t
S t e e r i n g C y l i n d e r s f o r O c e a n - g o i n g V e s s e l s
The mounting foot is of a box-type and allows easy installation of
the cylinder. (Stop blocks should be installed.)
Grease fittings are provided on either end and can be connected
to an automatic lubricating system which is available from
Kobelt. The cylinders are Type approved for 2000 PSI operating
pressure, that is 138 bar.
Our steering cylinders carry a two-year warranty and are
designed for heavy-duty use.
Model 7097, 7098 and 7100 Cylinders are designed for larger
vessels with heavy-duty steering requirements. The non-
welded construction of these cylinders allows for many years of
operation and easy service. The spherical bearings are located
at either end for self-aligning and long life. The steel tube has
an extremely smooth precision finish and provides many years
of trouble-free service. For the 7094 cylinders and larger as
listed on p.18 and p.19 the piston rods are steel, hard-chromed
and polished. The rod seal is a V-packing with adjustable nut.
The piston rod bushing is made from bronze and is replaceable.
With these large steering cylinders, a rudder torque of up to
160 tonmeter per rudder at 2000 PSI (138 bar) is obtainable.
On multi-rudder installations, each rudder can be provided
with up to 160 tonmeter. These rudders can be mechanically
connected with tie bars or electronically connected to move in
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