SAILTEC's Kobelt Hydraulische Steuerung Katalog - page 10

h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
Propulsion / Water-Jet Control System
Drawing 401239
An integrated propulsion /steering system
is provided on this drawing.
The propulsion system is controlling two
electronic engines and two water jets using
directional solenoids.
One fixed station using the 6555 control head is
provided in the wheel house and one remote 7176
unit is to provide control at two other locations.
From all stations you can control the engines and
the buckets in combined or split mode. In split
mode you can run the buckets at idle RPM or at a
pre-fixed RPM.
The steering system is controlling the steerable
buckets via a joystick in the wheel house and via
the 7176 remote from the remaining two stations.
An autopilot is also integrated into the steering
system to steer the water jets.
A backup system (6511-4-20) is provided at the
wheel house station for emergency operation.
From that unit you can set the engine speed via
trim pots and control the steering and the bucket
solenoids in Non-Follow Up mode using toggle
switches on that panel.
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