SAILTEC's Cantalupi SEALED Katalog 2015 - page 65

an t a l up i L i gh t i ng f o l l ows a l l t h e m a n u f a c t u r i n g pha ses o f e v e r y s i ng l e p r od u c t , f r om t h e d e s i g n t o the final realization.
This is how our creations, categorized and specifically designed for the residential and yachting field, are born and produced
according to the criteria of luxury, elegance and functionality that underlie the company’s work.
antalupi LIghting Magazine is the first step in the process of sharing
information with our customers.
News about products will be accurately reported on these pages to update
the readers and to inspire people.
Designers always look for the latest innovations to fulfill the vision of the owners
often asking for custom products: our Design & St y l i ng depa r tmen t f aces t he
cha l l enges wi t h v i b r an t a t t i t ude .
Can t a l up i L i gh t i ng o f f e r s t he bes t des i gn and qua l i t y f o r a high-end collection
of captivating, contemporary LED lights.
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