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Shipping cost & payments

Shipping cost


No packing & shipping charges

Shipping cost, standard service

GLS or equivalent, running time 2 to 4 days, depending on destination

  • Zone 1 - Germany - fixed cost 7,95 Euro
  • Zone 2 - AT, BE, NL, LU, DK - fixed cost 9,95 Euro
  • Zone 3 - LT, EE, SE, SLO, FR Mainland, PL, FI, IRL, IT, LV, PO Mainland, SK, ESP Mainland, CZ, HU - fixed cost 21,95 Euro
  • Zone 4 - BG, FR islands, GR, PO islands, RO, CH, ESP islands, NO - fixed cost 42,95 Euro
  • Zone 5 - all other countries: this program cannot calculate shipping cost to other regions - please ask!
Minimum order volume / small orders

With us, there is no minimum order value. Within Germany, we deliver the smallest spare part without any additional costs. For overseas deliveries, see our small order surcharge.

Small order surcharge

For orders with a delivery address within Germany, we do not charge a small order surcharge. In the case of orders with delivery address abroad, for total order values below 50 €, we charge a 5.95 € surcharge.



You pay before or while you pick up the goods from us. While pick up: CASH ONLY. No charges.


We accept Paypal payments. No extra charges. Our Paypal email address is

Payment before despatch

You instruct your financial institution with a transfer order to us. We ship the goods immediately after having received your payment.

The exact shipping cost for your order

Exact shipping cost calculation

The final shipping costs for your order will be displayed within the checkout process, after you have given us your instructions for shipping and payment methods. Until you reach the end of the checkout procedure, before you finally confirm your order, you can at any time cancel the process - either cancel it completely, or save it for future progressing.

Special cases

Excessive weight, excessive length, or special destinations

In case you place an order for overweight or oversize products, or if you want the order shipped to special destinations - such as the North Sea islands - this may be subject to additional shipping cost. In such case, we will contact you before processing your order, to make sure you are happy with shipping details and cost.