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Sta-Lok open bronze turnbuckles

  • Typical feature: The turnbuckle housing is entirely made of forged bronze and has a brilliant chrome finish. With the threaded spindles made of stainless steel, this results in a safe and resilient material pairing for the thread, which does not tend to seize. Securing over conventional split pins.


Sta-Lok closed Supajust turnbuckles

  • Typical feature: threaded spindles and turnbuckle bodies are made of stainless steel, which optimizes the look and the care. A pair of threads but still stainless steel and bronze is used. Technically, inserted bronze threaded bushes are added, which are integrated into the turnbuckle housing - and hold with their internal thread the spindle screws. This avoids the risk of seizing, and increases the potentially possible insertable tensile load. Securing with special nuts.


Sta-Lok stainless steel turnbuckles

  • Typical feature: Simple turnbuckle with stainless steel housing and stainless steel spindles. For applications in which only a low tension to be be controlled via the tensioner thread.


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