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Swageless terminals

In 1973, STA-LOK introduced a new design for wire rope fittings that greatly simplified the processing of wire terminations. Today, more than 45 years later, the STA-LOK swageless terminals are used by professionals all over the world, and have earned worldwide recognition for high quality and absolute reliability.

STA-LOK swageless terminals are a series of high-quality high performance wire rope end terminals for 1x19, 7x7, 7x19 and Dyform wire ropes. Suitable for both right and left hand wire designs. Suitable for sailboat, yacht and superyacht rigging as well as for architectural purposes.

Sta-Lok swageless terminals are processed with hand tools - in contrast to swage terminals, which are processed with swaging machines or rotary hammers. In this respect, the STA-LOK system provides a simple mechanical process for processing wire ropes, which allows on-site processing.

All STA-LOK terminals are stronger than wire rope of the same size. In all situations, STA-LOK terminals have proven to be completely reliable and long-term maintenance-free and safe. And STA-LOK screw terminals are reusable!

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