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Halyards, sheets & control lines

  • Marlow D2 Racing 75: 12-ply Dyneema SK78 core with 24-plait polyester outer cover. The 24-fold braided polyester sheath ensures a high holding force in clamps and clamping, as well as a high resistance to abrasion = longer service life.
  • Marlow D2 Club SK75: 12-ply Dyneema SK38 core with 16-plait polyester outer sheath. Ideal as an upgrade from polyester to Dyneema
  • Marlow Doublebraid: polyester core with 24-fold braided polyester cover. Doublebraid technically stands for a  double braided Marlow construction of a core-shell braid, in which both elements (core and cover) are each braided.
  • Marlow Marlowbraid: 16-plaited cover, and a core twisted from three strings. Both made of polyester. Marlowbraid consists of 70% core and only 30% cover. An extremely resilient, abrasion-resistant, low-stretch - and still pleasant to handle - sheet material.
  • Marlow Mattbraid: 12-ply polyester core, 24-ply braided staple cover. This has a matte sheet, as the name suggests. A traditionally manufactured high performance construction in the polyester sector, which we know no one else does this way. First-class handling, extreme breaking load, low elongation, good handling. Mattbraid is always used where high performance is important and when weight is not a priority.


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