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Feathering propellers

Max-Prop - a legend for 40 years, and THE standard for feathering propellers worldwide! Sailtec is representative for Max-Prop,  and we supply and services all Max-Prop products.

One of the key features of the Max-Prop is that it automatically adjusts its propeller blade position to a preselected pitch value. Once in feathering, it offers as little resistance as possible (similar to a folding propeller, but better). This improves the ship speed under sail by about 15% compared to a ship with a conventional fixed pitch propeller.

The link Marken / Max-Prop will show you more information about thechnique and functionality of Max-Prop feathering propellers. 

The link Marken / Maxprop / Propellerberechnung + Angebotsanfrage will get you to an online form which lists all the info we require to calculate the optimum propeller for your ship. 

EWOL - stainless steel feathering propellers

3-blade propeller, case and blades are made entirely of stainless steel. The propeller pitch is adjustable on the outside of the housing with a setting ring. The propeller has an integrated puller. The propeller also has replaceable bushings for the blades.

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