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Forespar Sta-Plug Mini Emergency Plug, Set with 2 pcs.


Sta-Plug® Mini™ is Forespar’s new form fitting emergency plug. All the benefits of the standard Sta-Plug® in a smaller, compact size.

A soft cone shaped design allows it to easily fill the irregular shapes of hull impact breaches, as well as any round hole leak from a hose or through-hull. Unique edge gripping riblets help hold the plug in a hole, keeping water out.

The riblets help Sta-Plug® conform to the shape of the hole, sealing a leak near the edge where a tight fit is crucial, and holding the plug more securely in place. Different by design, Sta-Plug’s™ shape includes a series of concentrically larger riblets stepped along the length of the cone. It’s The Emergency Plug that Grips™!

Using the Sta-Plug® Mini™ could not be any easier! Simply squeeze the Sta-Plug® Mini™ into any hole or hose. You can push it into a hole by hand or using a tool.

These riblets offer two big advantages over traditional straight edged emergency plugs:

  • They help Sta-Plug® conform to the hole near the edge where a tight fit is most crucial.
  • They help hold it more securely in place.
  • Twist and compress by hand to insert into hole.
  • Expands after insertion to hold in place.

Intended for temporary emergency use with continuous monitoring only, it gives the skipper greater peace-of-mind to allow them to focus on getting the boat to safety.

Made from high strength elastomer composites (rubber-like), Sta-Plug® Mini™ will remain soft and ready to go for years and will not mold or swell up like conventional wood plugs.

  • Made from strong elastomer composites not susceptible to mold or swelling.
  • Bright color allows it to be quickly located in an emergency.
  • Meets US Sailing Special Equipment Requirements and equipped with a lanyard hole.
  • Dimensions: 4” (10cm) high, 2” (5cm) diameter at base.
  • Made in the USA.
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