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Fire extinguishing systems

Modern equipment of infrastructure, factories, machinery, devices and tools, and any kind of vehicles and vessels demands compact, fast and safe fire detection and extinguishing systems. Humans as well as material assets must be protected effectively, existence-threatening production downtimes must be avoided. The first seconds between fire appearance and fire fighting are critical for success and resulting damages.

Aerosol fire extinguishing generators contain a pyrotechnical package. In case of fire, it is activated (electrically, thermically or manually). The starting chemical process produces Caliumcarbonate, which opt out as a solid aerosol (the average size is between 0,5 and 2,5 μm). The following chemical process of the aerosol in the flame bond free radicals, which stopped the chain reaction of the burning process. In addition, the endothermic chemical reaction withdraws energy.

Our used extinguishing technology is a green technology, there is no negative influence on life at our planet (Ozon Depletion Potential = 0, Global Warming Potential =0), it contains no FCKW. It is a official “HALON-Substitute” according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA).

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