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Luxury grills - Gourmet series & grill holders

Querschnitt Magma Gourmet Grill

Magma is an American manufacturer of barbeque grills made of stainless steel. The product is first class in its quality and the only truly on-board product of its kind. Models:

  • Magma Gourmet Series MK2 gas grill, comes in 3 sizes. The top models of Magma. With electronic starter, thermometer in the lid, 1: 1 stainless steel inner shell. Comes with fold-away feet.
    For mounting on board Magma offers 12 different brackets.
  • Magma Gourmet Series MK2 INFRARED gas grill, comes in 3 sizes. Infrared means faster and hotter grilling. Higher temperatures are achieved and in less time. The heat goes directly into the grill food instead of heating the air around the burner.

Mounting Hardware:

  • Magma offers Single Mounts and Dual Mounts. 


When using the grill with a standard holder "SD", this should only be used at anchor / berth. The brackets labeled "HD" are so-called "heavy duty" brackets that allow grilling while on the move.

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