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Overhauling / Reconditioning of Max-Prop Propeller


The MAXPROP propeller is the result of constant research in the nautical engineering field and in the selection of the best materials. The MAXPROP propellers give maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and galvanic corrosion and have always been designed and built to last. Just like any other mechanical device, even the MAXPROP propeller, after many years of use, may need some control or revision. In over 40 years of activity MAXPROP has revised and refurbished propellers that have been used for over 30 years. The revision of the propeller consists mainly in the eventual recovery of the play between the blades and the spacer and in the cleaning of the propeller. These simple procedures allow to give new life to the propeller making it practically eternal and new.

In the event of breakage or damage to the impact, the damaged propeller parts can be replaced without having to change the propeller itself. Since 1975, MAXPROP has kept a complete warehouse of all the spare parts starting from the first model made.

The fundamental principle of production and production of the MAXPROP propeller is based on reliability and durability (practically eternal). To date MAXPROP has several tens of thousands of propellers in navigation. Propellers of different eras and models but all with the same principle of lasting over time. The structural technical drawings of the MAXPROP propeller have also always been based on the principle of making possible the reconditioning of the propeller with the least economic expenditure. To date, even with propellers of the 80s, it is possible to replace the spacer of the propeller blades or the central bevel gear to remedy any type of wear.

  • Please send the Max-Prop Propeller to us carriage free, degreased
  • We assemble the Propeller in our office, check the propeller and send at no charge an estimate of the repair costs
seasonal, please inquire


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