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VuPlex® Plastic Cleaner, Spray-Can 235ml


VuPlex the ultimate maintenance solution for plastics!

VuPlex is designed for a specific purpose (clear and coloured plastics) but there are almost limitless applications for VuPlex.
VuPlex effortlessly removes stains and seals the surface in just one step. The antistatic properties help to repel dust.

A bottle of VuPlex (235ml / 200g) is enough for approx. 15m².

VuPlex is the perfect solution for Acrylic and Polycarbonate windscreens, window material in tents and sprayhoods and also for caravans. It cleans softly and polish the surface by removing salt and stains from the pores. VuPlex leaves a polymer film on the treated surfaces and leaves a repellant effect on it.

VuPlex works on countless plastic products, Try it for yourself

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