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Forespar Lanocote Prop + Bottom 16oz Jar


Lanocote Prop and Bottom Foul Release, 16 oz.

Lanocote is a specially formulated Coating that adheres to wet surfaces. To retard Marine Growth.

  • Formulated for underwater applications
  • Naturally sheds most Marine Growth
  • Performs best in waters of 64° F (18° C) and warmer
  • Flow efficient - long lasting

LanoCote® Prop & Bottom is a proprietary formula designed for application while the boat is on the hard, or while in the water. (See application tips below).  It is a “foul release” coating, and as such, it provides a surface condition to which common marine growth has difficulty adhering. 

The coating or “skin” that forms makes it very difficult for marine organisms – algae, sea grass, and a wide variety of worms, corals and barnacles – to get a firm grip on your boat’s running gear and the result is that motion through the water causes the release of this growth. 

LanoCote Prop & Bottom is naturally green, naturally sourced, bio-renewable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  It is also California Prop 65 compliant and contains no petrochemicals or known carcinogens.

LanoCote® Prop & Bottom is a very economical and very effective marine foul release coating.  When correctly applied, it keeps props, running gear and even boat bottoms free of marine growth for extended periods of time – up to six months, or more in some cases.  Its effectiveness can vary based on local conditions.  In all cases it is economical to use and provides the foul free surfaces that are critical for efficient operation. 

This surface coating will cause growth to be thrown off of props and stripped from bottoms while the boat is underway.  If a boat is used infrequently growth is likely to occur, but at a reduced rate and quantity.  LanoCote Prop & Bottom will allow growth to be easily wiped free from the waterline, bottom and running gear by an owner or professional diver in the water or hosed off on the hard. 

An important side benefit to this product is the corrosion protection it provides.  This can be a significant cost savings over several seasons, as the life of expensive bronze, aluminum or stainless steel parts will be prolonged.

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