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LiFePO4 G31 12V 114AH Battery


At last, a simple drop in replacement LiFePO4 G31 12V lithium battery with an amazing 114 Amp capacity!

No need to modify the boat, RV, trailer or other type of vehicle.  So advanced you only need two batteries to replace a 700 amp hour bank of standard deep cycle lead acid or AGM batteries, saving you hundreds of pounds in weight as these batteries weigh in at only 32 lbs each!

These batteries are designed, developed and manufactured in Canada. 

Key Benefits of ElectroMaax Lithium ION Marine Batteries

  • fast recharge rate
  • continuous self monitoring
  • easy installation – install anywhere
  • protection from overcharging or discharging too low
  • extended life-cycle
  • light-weight (70% lighter) vs lead batteries
  • maintenance free
  • excellent thermal stability
  • non-corrosive
  • contains no poisonous lead
  • environmentally friendly 


Safety Benefits in BMS

  • internal cell balancing
  • internal cell temperature protection
  • no presence of toxic substances
  • internal over charge protection
  • internal low voltage protection
  • internal short circuit protection
2 - 4 weeks


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