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All EWOL propellers with „SWORD blade“ upgrade

SAILTEC - known for more than 35 years by yacht owners and well-known shipyards beyond the borders of Germany for high-quality, technical yacht equipment and competent advice, is now delivering all EWOL propellers in the latest version.

EWOL has stood for Propeller Evolution in water sports since 1997 and is once again setting new standards with its propellers with SWORD blades. The sickle shape of the propeller blades allow the propeller to run more quietly with less cavitation. In addition, the new shape of the blade brings about a significant improvement in efficiency.

The EWOL rotary vane propellers consist of a stainless steel alloy specially developed for very demanding applications, which is the most advanced method for resistance to corrosion. The propellers can be mounted on sailboats with traditional (endothermic) or electric motors, as well as with mechanical or hydraulic gears.

Due to the flow of water, the propeller automatically adjusts itself under sails so that it hardly offers any resistance. During a motor drive, it automatically adjusts to the preset blade pitch. The propeller is optimized for the respective yacht upon delivery in order to achieve the best results. Nevertheless, the incline can be changed at any time, the available setting range is between 14 ° and 26 ° and can be adjusted from the outside.

The assembly and disassembly is easy: EWOL propellers can be assembled in just a few minutes without having to be disassembled and are secured with an integrated nut. The pulling device provided at the factory enables dismantling without tools.

With an EWOL propeller you have a propeller for life. All gear parts are made of high-strength stainless steel, are manufactured extremely precisely and minimize wear during operation. A special surface coating on the moving parts reduces friction. All slide bearings and spare parts are interchangeable.
EWOL propellers can be ordered from SAILTEC in the online shop from € 2,142.00. Trained SAILTEC employees submit an offer with the appropriate propeller based on the respective yacht. Detailed information and an inquiry form are available on the SAILTEC website.

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