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David and Goliath

Spinnaker Trees - Whether for regattas or the world trip

Bilder zueinander maßstabsgetreu

In the last few days we have completed two spinnakers, which could not be more different. The first one we built for a Hanse 575. The tree has a diameter of 127 mm and a length of 6800 mm. The owner is planning a world tour and his new spinnaker will accompany him. It was foiled white to better protection against slight mechanical damage and UV radiation from Gerken Druck GmbH in Wedel.

The second is for the European Championship of the J724 class, which we support. This tree was built by us according to the regulations of the J / 24 unit class and has a length of 2895 mm. The outer diameter is 59 mm and thus acts - as you can see in the picture - but very petite next to the big world traveler. Incidentally, the picture is true to scale. We have given the tree as a prize to the German class association J / 24 and are proud of such a large standard class - and even to support the European Championship. This will take place from 22.07.2018 to 27.07.2018 on the Flensburg Fjord in front of Glücksburg.

Forespar UXTR Endbeschlag

Both spinnaker poles are equipped with the extremely light and special break-proof end fittings from Forespar.

Forespar have been known worldwide for over 50 years for solutions around the rig. The end fittings are in no way inferior. It does not matter whether it is a simple closer or with Quick Lock automatic closure, which automatically snaps the bolt when inserting the backrest.

In this case, even both spinnaker poles are equipped with an automatic fitting. For the Hanse 575 the strongest composite fitting was necessary: UGPS. Reinforced with stainless steel inserts, this fitting can be used to operate boats up to 60 'long. The J / 24 spinnaker pole, on the other hand, does not require any stainless steel inserts. With him the UXTR fitting is sufficient. A simple automatic fitting in which the tear-open leash is guided outside the tree and thus can be operated from any point on the spinnaker pole.

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