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Forespar PerformanceCare+™ Schmier-/Pflegemittel

Produkte für Ihren Bedarf an Pflege + Wartung
LanoCote ®: Rost- und Korrosionsschutzpaste
MareLube™: Langlebige Schmierung mit PTFE Bestandteilen
Tea Tree Power ®: Mittel zur Schimmel- unud Geruchsbeseitigung
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Bugstrahlruder von Max Power: Neuer innovativer Propeller für kleines Geld zum Aufrüsten

Aus vorherigen 3 Flügeln der Propeller wurden nun 6 Flügel für mehr Leistung und einem geringeren Geräuschpegel. Der komplett mit einem Redesign versehene neue Max Power 185 mm Propeller ist ab sofort verfügbar. Der Unterschied zu seinem Vorgänger? Der neue Propeller ist 20% leiser und erreicht durch seine 6 Flügel mehr Druck im Wasser. Die Effizienz wurde um 5% verbessert.
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Stufenlos einstellbarer Carbon Spibaum.
Forespar® hat gerade einen erschwinglichen, zweiteiligen Teleskop Kohlefaser -Spibaum vorgestellt. Dieser lässt sich mit einem einfachen Leinensystem schnell auf die gewünschte Länge einstellen.
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Spare Air Unterwasseratemsystem

SPARE AIR ist eine vollkommen unabhängige Luftversorgungseinheit für sofortige, sichere Aufstiege zur Wasseroberfläche.
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2014er Max-Power Katalog

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Leisure Furl Rollreff Baumsysteme

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Side-Power von SAILTEC

Wir liefern ab sofort Side-Power's umfassende Produktpalette.
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LanoCote Prop & Bottom Antifouling für Propeller, usw.

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Steelhead Marine Deckskräne

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Deutsche Max-Prop Handbücher und Installations-Videos

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Max-Prop Drehflügelpropeller von Sailtec

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Northern Lights, Incorporated, an innovator in the marine diesel market, is redefining the traditional engine room with an unmatched hybrid marine solution; combining its high performance Lugger propulsion engines with BAE System’s HybriDrive® Propulsion System – the world’s most successful series hybrid.


Northern Lights’ hybrid marine system provides clean, reliable power with world class components. Based on a tested, reliable Lugger propulsion engine and traction generator, energy is held in a battery pack and metered through a power control system. The traction motor provides power to the prop, while energy is stored for its most efficient usage. Available in 3 phase, 60 or 50 Hz configurations, the amount of power produced and stored can be customized to fit a myriad of marine applications.

Because its world class components are fully scalable, the Northern Lights hybrid marine system provides far greater flexibility in engine room layout. It will run not only as a standard electric propulsion system, but can be upgraded into an auxiliary power kit to provide all of the ship’s service AC power without the waste and pollution associated with underloading. The hybrid system can even be outfitted for accessory power for modern yacht’s complex system of thrusters and winches.

The entire package is designed to be clean, quiet, and environmentally responsible, reducing both energy waste and fuel costs as soon as it is installed.


Optimized Engine Performance

The engine operates at its optimal point on the fuel curve at all times. The system helps ensure that load demand is met without over or underloading your ship’s power supply.

Maximum fuel efficiency.

Eliminates wet stacking.

Reduces engine usage.

Lowers maintenance requirements.

Reduces sound signature.

Designed for continuous duty.

Optimized Components

Reliable, durable, simple to use propulsion from a trusted name in marine manufacturing.

Proven hybrid components with millions of trouble-free operational hours of commercial service.

Sealed electric components require no service with substantially reduced maintenance requirements.

Modular component replacement if needed.



• The traction motor remains fixed with the propeller - all other components can be located where they best suit your needs.

Silent Operation

• The system permits you to run all of the ship service load and propulsion without engine operation, for quiet, fuel saving operation.


• Design the system for electric propulsion only, for electric propulsion with ship board power, or to power all of your vessel’s equipment and machinery.

Fuel Effeciency

• Tested in harsh on-road environments, where continuous duty is the norm, the hybrid marine system has saved 10 million gallons of diesel fuel.


• Marine propulsion from a trusted name in the industry, packed with state of the art in proven hybrid technology for unmatched durability.

Clean Operation

• Meeting or exceeding all current emission standards, Lugger and hybrid technology ensure minimal impact to the environment.

Ease of Operation

• All of the operational devices will fit into existing vessel control systems, providing increased precision and accuracy.

Hybrid Marine Components

Lugger Marine Propulsion

Northern Lights builds anvil-tough Lugger marine diesels from 40 to 525 HP. Originally designed for the uninterrupted operation necessary on commercial vessels, Lugger engines are recognized worldwide for performance, fuel efficiency, rugged reliability, and long-life dependability.

Lugger's design philosophy has been it's strength from the beginning. Fresh and raw water pumps are gear-driven to eliminate belts. Most hoses and leak points have been engineered away. Most service points are grouped on one side to be easily accessible. And the jacket-water cooled turbocharger has been low and at the rear of the engine for ease of installation and service.

Luggers are equipped with a comprehensive list of features to increase performance and keep your operating and maintenance costs low. From trawlers to tugs; passenger vessels to megayachts; Luggers are the clean, efficient and reliable power producing service.

The AC Propulsion Motor

The AC Propulsion Motor System is composed of a traction motor and a traction generator to provide power to the vessel.

The liquid cooled, high power-to-weight ratio electric motor connects directly to a standard prop shaft and propeller. The traction motor incorporates a fixed ratio reduction gear, eliminating the need for a gear shifting transmission. This provides shift-free propulsion, providing a smooth ride and eliminating the need for additional transmission gear.

This motor drives the propeller, leaving the marine propulsion motor and energy storage system free to operate your vessel’s other systems. The unique design frees up engine room space and saves money on additional gear such as transmissions and load banks.

The hybrid motor’s simple design reduces the cost of maintenance as well as the overall life cycle cost.

- Integrated starter generator
- Modular — readily accepts new technology
- Meets all industry performance and emission requirements.

Energy Storage Module (ESM)

Hybrid Marine’s energy storage module offers exceptional performance in renewal energy applications. Each module has the ability to be combined to form a custom pack to meet your system’s hybrid energy requirements. The modules are smaller and lighter than traditional energy storage systems, and can be specially configured and combined. Each installation is supported with a system controller to provide the management control to coordinate all of the modules in the pack.


- Up to 10 times the capacity and power of traditional batteries
- ¼ the weight of traditional battery packs
- 10 times the life cycle of traditional batteries
- Completely maintenance free
- Safest heavy duty power rating on the market
- Reliable, fail safe battery management technology
- Data flexible – J1939 compatible data communication protocol


- Inherent safe cell chemistry combined with a sophisticated battery management
  system guarantees safety.
- Unmatched deep discharge cycles. 10 to 20 year working life with lifetime
  warranty provided by manufacturer.
- Wide temperature range of -40° C to 60° C.
- Rapid maximum charge rate of 2C and maximum discharge rate of 10C.
- Energy storage capability from 45KWH and up
- Completely sealed and 99% recyclable

Hybrid Propulsion Control System (PCS)

The Propulsion Control System (PCS) is the power processing and power management center for the entire Northern Lights marine hybrid system. It works in conjunction with the System Control Unit (SCU) to provide system monitoring and control. The SCU can be either mounted on the propulsion control system or elsewhere within the engine room depending on your space requirements and needs. These systems control the optimal flow of power to and from the motor, diesel engine and energy storage system.

Our PCS and SCU also enable the overall system performance to be customized to an operator’s specific requirements and provide diagnostic information to enhance maintenance of the entire system.

- Selectable acceleration settings
- Onboard diagnostics
- SAE 1939 CAN interface
- System control and vessel interface .. ..electronics mounted externally
- PCS is liquid cooled for superior.thermal management and control

- Rugged, durable, and highly reliable
- Flexible installation and cooling
- Standard communications interface
- Supports prognostics health management
- Optional heater output, eliminates need for fuel-fired heater
- Performance can be tailored to customer needs


Download: sailtec_produktdatenblatt_nl_hybrid_marine_pleasure.pdf

Download: sailtec_produktdatenblatt_nl_hybrid_marine_commercial.pdf

Download: sailtec_produktdatenblatt_nl_hybrid_marine_components.pdf

Download: sailtec_produktdatenblatt_nl_hybrid_marine_l1066.pdf

Download: sailtec_produktdatenblatt_nl_hybrid_marine_l6125.pdf

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