SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 42

R-Range Hydraulic Thruster Revision
Initial inspection and complete disassembly of your Retractable Hydrau-
lic Thruster.
Inspection and full report on the condition of all components, with photos
of all parts requiring replacement.
Replacement of all seals and bearings.
Repair cost analysis through a comprehensive and detailed quotation.
Rebuild of your unit following your approval to proceed.
Extra option of grit-blasting of all casted parts and re-painting
Delivery of your thruster in as “As-good-as-new“ condition, with a war-
ranty period of one year.
The Max Power Thruster Revision Program is carried out at
our production facilities in Monza.
The Revision program is carried out by our experienced technical personnel, having developed through a series of educational semi-
nars by our engineers and marine professionals.
For further details on Revision Program please contact Max Power at
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