SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 39

Max Power Can Bus System
Functional Concept
When a hydraulic function is called, depending if the system is
running on DC or PTO POWER, a specific sequence of valves &
solenoids need to be energised. It is the electrical control system
that does this in the
correct order & with the correct timing
Each function or ‘line’ can have as many input as required. This brings much needed flexibility to the super yacht build process
Each channel is manually identified through the use of a unique & patented dial system
No PC setup is necessary! No programming is needed!
Simply user interface
System upgrades, adding control functions or pumps is simple and rapid
It is built using a modular construction incorporated 4 main types of control Modules these are as follows:
This must be fitted in an easily accessible dry and well ventilated area. The crew must be able to consult this module rapidly and
This module is not water resistant.
The figure shows a typical installation system using
only 1 main control module CAN Bus trunk
Any combination of the systems shown above can be envisaged.
“MaxPower has been supplying us with thrusters and hydraulic power generation and distribution for 10 years now and we
are very happy with their products. I really recommend their Power Pack and Canbus Monitoring which are compact, efficient,
reliable, save a lot of wiring weight, allow full customization, give the flexibility to add more users or deck switches in the
future without complicated rewiring which is quite useful. Great products.”
IN/OUT Control Module
DC PUMP Control Module
PTO Control Module
Main Control Module
Pascal Riera
Technical Project Manager (Systems) at Southern Wind Shipyard
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