SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 38

Thruster only hydraulics systems
Dedicated electric hydraulic powerpacks
Hydraulic thrusters need a carefully designed hydraulic system to run them reliably and efficiently. Often this system may only be
required for the yacht’s thruster(s). The most common form of thruster only system uses an engine as its power source. These
can offer unlimited run times and do not need batteries or high power cables. Two types of hydraulic pumps can be used for these
dedicated systems.
Variable displacement pumps
A variable displacement pump can be used when a fixed flow is needed but the engine RPM is likely to vary. This would typically be a
main engine or gearbox mounted pump. Often used on large powerboats, these systems offer a powerful solution for larger thrusters.
Fixed displacement pumps
Used when a generator with a PTO (power take off) is available, fixed displacement pumps give a single (fixed) flow at a given engine
RPM. Highly robust, these systems are simple to install and cost effective.
Sometimes an engine driven pump may not be feasible, if this is the case Max Power manufactures a range of dedicated DC power
packs specifically designed to run our range of hydraulic thrusters both retractable and tunnel. These have been designed to supply
a fixed flow of oil at a specific pressure.
Although still fundamentally a DC thruster, a hydraulic unit run from a DC power pack offers a host of advantages over conventional
DC thrusters.
- Better weight distribution in the yacht
- The ability to fit the thruster unit in habitually damp and even wet areas such as sail lockers
- Allows the DC motor to be placed close to the batteries that supply it, whilst still enabling the installation of the thruster(s) in the
yacht’s extremities
Whether run from a DC motor or an engine, Max Power can supply a full range of components including all necessary accessories
such as a variety of oil tanks and control valves.
In both cases Max Power can advise and assist in the design of an efficient system suited to your needs.
Variable displacement pump
fitted to gearbox mounted PTO
Fixed displacement pump fitted
to generator mounted PTO
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