SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 24

Hydraulic retractable thrusters
When performance is paramount, hydraulic retract-
able thrusters provide a perfect solution. Light-
weight, powerful and allowing near perfect weight
distribution, designers and prestigious yards have
consistently specified Max Power thrusters over
the years. Max Power offers two product ranges in
this family: the vertically retracting VIP HYD range
and the top end Retract
folding series.
- Retract to leave smooth hull lines
- When deployed ideal immersion depth is achieved
- Water resistant
- Allow ideal weight distribution
- Ideal for high performance yachts
- Unique patented thrust plate design (VIP)
- Unique patented folding movement (RetractTM)
- Case hardened spiro-conical gears
- Lightweight design
When retracted hull lines are
left smooth and unaffected.
When deployed ideal immer-
sion depth is achieved.
Can be installed in habitually
damp areas such as sail
Allow ideal weight distribution
in high performance yachts.
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