SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 21

Electric retractable thrusters
As far forward as possible
Ideal immersion depth
1 x Tunnel diameter
immersion depth
Water line
Level effects increased
Bow thruster alone
Engine driven hydrauli
Combining the cost effective simplicity of DC elec-
trics with the high performance characteristics
of retractable units, this range is ideally suited to
modern sailing yachts and super fast motor yachts.
Max Power offers two different types of electric
retractable thrusters: the low profile Compact Re-
tractTM and the vertically retracting VIP 150 Elec-
tric, catering for yachts from 30-60’. (Max Power
patented designs).
- Retract to leave smooth hull lines
- When deployed ideal immersion depth is achieved
- Patented composite drive legs
- Zero maintenance
- Case hardened spiro-conical gears
- Line shields
- Purpose built DC motors
- Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features
- Safe, high power connections
- Purpose built high specification DC contactors
When retracted hull lines are
left smooth and unaffected.
When deployed ideal immer-
sion depth is achieved.
Unique composite drive leg
design. See page 8 for
High specification electric
motors. See page 8 for
Installed further forward (or
aft) in the hull than is pos-
sible with a tunnel thruster,
retractable units offer a far
better turning moment on the
yacht thus producing greater
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