SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 15

Ignition protected thrusters
Max Power’s new range of Ignition Protected tunnel
thrusters is available for models CT35 to CT125.
Certified ISO 8846, this range allows the safe use
of an electric tunnel thruster in petrol / gas engine
vessels where there may be potentially flammable
gases. IP thrusters can also be installed in habitually
wet or damp areas such as sail lockers, or in the
transom of deep “V” shaped motor yachts.
- Ignition Protected to ISO 8846 and water resistant
- Easy to connect thruster
- Patented composite drive leg
- Zero maintenance
- Case hardened spiro-conical gears
- Line shields
- Purpose built DC motors
- Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features
- Safe, high power connections
- Purpose built high specification DC contactors
Ignition Protected and water
Easy to connect thruster.
Robust metallic frame.
Unique composite drive leg
design. See page 8 for full
High specification electric
motors. See page 8 for full
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