SAILTEC's Max Power Katalog 2016 - page 10

Electric tunnel thrusters
Max Power offers a complete range of 12/24V
composite electric tunnel thrusters to suit motor
yachts and deep footed sailing yachts from 17-85’.
Designed for performance and durability, each model
is easy to fit, highly cost effective, and integrates a
variety of unique features.
- Patented composite drive legs
- Zero maintenance
- Case hardened spiro-conical gears
- Line shields
- Purpose built DC motors
- Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features
- Safe, high power connections
- Purpose built high specification DC contactors
Corrosion free composite
drive legs eliminate the need
for anodes and offer high
manufacturing tolerances.
Drive legs are pre-filled with
oil and then sealed for life for
zero maintenance.
Case hardened spiro-conical
gears guarantee a silent,
smooth operation, and a long
Line shields protect oil seals
from fishing lines and fouling.
High efficiency, purpose built
DCmotors ensure outstand-
ing performance and long
runtime ratings.
Electronic control boxes
offer unique and unrivaled
safety features.
Solid copper contact bars
guarantee safe, high power
Purpose built high specifica-
tion DC contactors are both
safe and durable.
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