SAILTEC's Kobelt Kabel-Hebel Katalog - page 39

ver since our humble beginnings in 1962, Kobelt Manufacturing
Limited has been committed to manufacturing the finest marine
controls in the world. We stress the importance of quality, precision,
competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Our team of dedicated
production staff is uncompromising in ensuring that we meet the
needs of all our valued customers. Our growing reputation in world
markets is proof of our commitment to highest possible standards.
From our very first line of pneumatic controls we’ve believed in the
simple things—rugged construction, quality materials and prompt
delivery to our customers. Today, the technology has changed,
but our commitment remains the same. From our innovations in
electronic controls to our craftsmanship with bronze and stainless
steel, our products span the oceans of the world to further our
reputation as an international leader in maritime technology.
Kobelt Manufacturing, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
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