SAILTEC's Kobelt Kabel-Hebel Katalog - page 22

p u s h - p u l l c o n t r o l s
Single Lever, Single Engine Control, with Overriding and Interlocked Throttle Control
Model 2081
This control operates basically on the same principle as the model 2090 with the exception
that the overriding throttle is on a separate lever. The throttle lever serves the prime function of
accelerating the engine while the main single lever control handle is in the neutral position. It is
not possible to operate both levers at the same time since they are mechanically interlocked.
Single Lever, Single Engine Control, with Separate Trolling Valve Lever
Model 2085
This control is ideally suited for one or two station applications that require trolling valve
control. An interlock incorporated in this unit will only allow for trolling valve control at low
engine R.P.M. The second station can be equipped with or without trolling valve control.
Remote Control with either overriding Throttle or Trolling Valve Control
Model 2083
The purpose of this unit is to serve as a remote station with either Model 2081 or 2085. The
secondary lever is interconnected with the overriding throttle on Model 2081 or the trolling valve
control lever on Model 2085. The main single lever control is connected to the remote unit with
pull-pull cables (47 series.) For a second station throttle and clutch only use Model 2093.
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