SAILTEC's Kobelt Kabel-Hebel Katalog - page 20

p u s h - p u l l c o n t r o l s
Letter code designations:
Model 2054
H, K, L, M, NN, PP
Single Station Use Only
The 2050 and 2054 are super heavy duty control heads using basically the same components
except for the dome and handles. All materials are non-corrosive and are designed for years of
trouble-free service. The maximum travel for the clutch is 3” (76mm) and the maximum throttle
travel is 2-1/2” (64mm) for the 2050. While the clutch travel for the 2054 is the same, the throttle
stroke is 2” (50mm). Various connection points provide the correct travel needed for your engine
and gear. The small overriding throttle handle is only operative in the neutral gear position which
prevents gear engagement at high engine speed. The 2054 (the same as 2008 and 2014) is
equipped with light sockets for illumination. Dimmers can be provided to regulate the light effect
to suit the owner. Many boats equipped with our 2050 series control heads have push-pull cable
runs up to 75 ft. (23m) and work very satisfactorily with Felsted cables.
Letter code designations:
Model 2050
H, K, L, M, NN, PP, S, T, V, Y, Z
2050 / 2054
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