SAILTEC's Kobelt Hydraulische Steuerung Katalog - page 62

h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
For Manual Systems, it is recommended to use
I.S.O. #10
Oil. This oil is very light and does not have good basic lubricating
qualities, however, it is the most ideal oil since it requires little effort
to move through the tubing. We do not recommend using any other
type of fluid. The hydraulic oil used should be new and
clear of all foreign matters.
Remove the vented filler plug from either the uppermost Helm
Pump or Expansion Tank. (Lower Helm Pumps must have a non-
vented plug.) Insert funnel of suitable size and fill carefully with the
recommended oil. Once the Helm Pump or Expansion Tank has been
filled, the Helm Pump steering wheel can be turned. This will then
displace the oil into the steering lines. As the oil descends in the Helm
Pump, or Expansion Tank, keep adding oil and turning the wheel either
to port or starboard until resistance is felt. Continue to turn the wheel
hardover to hardover until the air bubbles stop rising and oil level
remains constant. There are bleeder fittings supplied on the steering
cylinder to vent any air trapped in the cylinder.
Expansion Tanks
Expansion Tanks are normally supplied by the shipyard. They can also
be obtained from Kobelt and, we recommend that approximately 1
Quart (or 1 Litre) minimum volume should be used in this application.
The vent line from the Expansion Tank to the Helm Pump should
protrude approximately 1" from the bottom of the Expansion Tank into
the tank itself. This avoids dirt and condensed water from entering
the steering system. The vent plug must be arranged in such a
fashion that water spray and rain cannot enter the tank.
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