SAILTEC's Kobelt Hydraulische Steuerung Katalog - page 58

h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
• It is important to ensure that the steering wheel can be operated
without any interference. The Helm Pump must be mounted on a
secure structure which will support the helmsman in a rough sea
without the pump breaking loose. It is also recommended to have
access to the connecting lines on the rear of the pump and the
flow adjustment on the face of the pump as well as the filler plug
front and back.
• During installation it is of utmost importance to keep dirt and
foreign matters out of the system. Cleanliness is extremely
• We do not recommend the use of teflon tape for pipe sealing. This
often rolls over the edge of the fitting and is cut off on installation;
it then floats in the system. It is recommended that liquid teflon
sealant or its equivalent is used. It is easier to ensure that none of
this type of sealant gets into the system.
• Copper or Stainless Steel tubing is preferred for the piping
material. The tubing should be of fairly large inside diameter to
avoid excessive friction in the hydraulic system, especially in cold
weather environments.
Depending on the number of stations, the length of runs and the
size of the Helm Pump, the piping must be chosen accordingly.
We recommend the minimum diameter of 1/2" tubing, but on the
long runs, and larger pumps, 3/4" tubing is recommended. When
installing this tubing,
it is very important to have a steady rise
in the lines towards the highest point in the steering system.
It is very difficult to bleed the tubing system with a rise and fall
pattern, because air gets trapped in the elevated pockets.
• It is also recommended that an expansion tank is installed on the
uppermost station, to provide an additional reservoir of oil. This
expansion tank must have a vented plug. The plug, however, must
be arranged in such a fashion that water cannot enter the steering
system. All other filler plugs on the steering stations must be of a
non-vented type. If an expansion tank is not used, the uppermost
steering station must have a vented filler plug on the Helm Pump.
This is to allow the oil to expand during a hot day and contract
when the temperature declines.
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