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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
To complete your steering system, Kobelt Manufacturing can
provide many standard and custom configurations. Motors and
pumps are sized for your application. The customer must specify
motor voltages and frequency.
Standard Equipment
• TEFC (IP44) (IEEE45) electric motors
• Variable volume pressure-compensated piston pumps
• JIC Type “A” reservoirs
• Return line filter (10 Micron) c/w Indicator
• Solenoid operated directional control valves
• SAE O’ring component connections
• Flared steel tubing
• Pressure relief valve – adjustable
• Oil-filled Pressure gauge with isolation valve
• Low Pressure alarm switch
• Flow controls and check valves – as required
• Internal suction strainer
• Sight Level gauge and thermometer
• Low- level sensor alarm switch
• Painted externally with industrial enamel
• Filler / breather
• Tank clean out end – covers
• Lifting eyes and drain plug
• Painted internally with Gylptol
• Tested for specified flow, pressure & function
• Low level/High temperature alarms switch
• Filter alarm switch
• “A” and “B” isolation valves
• Dual or split reservoirs
• Dual power units
• Gravity feed filling ports
• Oil coolers
• Two independent hydraulic circuits
• Valving as per customer’s requirements
• Epoxy Paint
• Desiccant filler breather
• Base Mounted Drip Tray c/w Drain
• Custom Aluminum Marine Grade Reservoirs
A typical Kobelt hydraulic unit. Simple to install, reliable and,
with motor and pump located on the top, easily accessible for
maintenance. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to work
out a custom solution for you.
Recommended Hydraulic Oils
An ISO #32 (Viscosity grade 32) hydraulic oil is recommended
for power operated hydraulic steering systems. Good quality
hydraulic oil with anti-wear properties from one of the major
brands, supplied by a reliable supplier is recommended. The
hydraulic oil should be new and clean of all contaminants.
The principal requirements of a premium hydraulic fluid are
proper viscosity, high viscosity index, anti-wear protection,
adequate pour point, and compatibility with seal materials.
INSTALLATION TIP: All hydraulic lines in the steering system
must be thoroughly cleaned prior to filling the system. Ensure
all hydraulic lines are secured and fittings are tight.
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