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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
This unit is designed to accept the command signal from our
Models 7165, 7166, 7167, 7169, 7171, 7172, 7176, 7181, 7197
and 7198 and coordinates the desired rudder position with our
feedback unit Models 7168, 7163 or 7174. Models 7144, 7145
and 7148 are equipped with solenoid valves, can be activated
by the Model 7173-K and will disperse hydraulic fluid to the
hydraulic steering system to maintain the desired position.
This device can be located anywhere aboard ship, even in the
steering compartment, since its watertight and non-corrosive
materials will not affect the electronics internally.
The Model 7173-K Amplifier is a multi-optional driver board
(12 or 24 VDC POWER) which can be changed in the field (see
manual) and can control:
1. Single steering system
2. Dual speed steering system
3. Two independent steering systems controlled by the same
controller (this is ideal for catamaran steering because of its
electronic tie bar).
4. Two independent hydraulic systems; i.e. steering and
bucket control
This unit is the heart of our electronic steering devices. It has
the ability to accomplish many tasks. It can be used for single or
multi rudder full follow-up electronic control in either single or
multi speed. It also has the ability to synchronize multi rudders
without mechanical tie-bars. The unit is extremely accurate. Our
engineering department has made the installation very simple
and inexpensive. The bronze casing protects the electronics and
will provide years of trouble free service.
Also the 7173-KAS provides a pump on demand pilot signal (12
or 24 VDC) that can control a relay/contactor to energize the
pump whenever any directional solenoid is activated; therefore,
the pump is not continuously running. In the event of control or
feedback potentiometer failure or wire break, this unit will fail in
mode. An LED on the board will indicate the wire break failure and
a dry contact is available for external alarm.
5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
7173 - K / 717 3 - K A S
Electronic Full Follow-Up Ampl i f i er
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