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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
The Model 6655 Control Head is an electronic device that provides
control for two main engines and steering gear. The two control
handles can be moved independently 75 degrees in either direction,
and can be used to control fixed pitch gearbox driven propellors
and engine speed. The two control handles can also be arranged
to provide control over waterjets, CP propellors and any type of
propulsion machinery as well as, of course, the engine speed.
Rotating the control on its horizontal plane will give precise
control over the rudder. In order to make the system operative,
the Kobelt Microprocessor 6535 for a main engine, and its
associated actuators, are required. For the steering gear portion,
the model 7173 and associated hydraulic components are required.
This control head can be used on virtually any type of vessel from
approximately 60' to ocean-going vessels.
It is constructed in all bronze and stainless steel and is ideally
suited for the marine environment. Our control heads incorporate
the traditional look of sea-going vessels and yet are modern in
appearance, extremely suitable and rugged in construction.
The 6654 Right Angle Drive Control for 360 degrees is
specifically designed for 360 (degrees) right-angle drives
to offer carefree control over the disconnect clutch and
engine speed.
7 1/8" [181]
5 7/16" [1381]
7 1/8" [181]
6 7/16" [164]
3 3/16" [81]
9/32" [7] DIA. (TYP)
9/32" [7] DIA. (TYP)
6 6 5 4 / 6 6 5 5
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