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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to conceive that a person
operating a ship with fairly large engines and big rudders
would be capable of turning the rudders with Manual Hydraulic
Steering. For this reason, Kobelt Manufacturing has developed
a 7148 which is a Full Power Follow-Up Unit. Its prime purpose
is to provide a power steering similar to that used on cars and
highway trucks. This will allow the operator to operate the
rudder with very little effort and provide absolute control.
The 7148 is equipped with all necessary valving for
approval by Lloyds, ABS, U.S. Coast Guard etc.
The four-way closed center solenoid valve will accept electric
signals from either Jog Lever, Electric Full Power Follow-Up
Levers or Auto Pilots. Many of these units have already been
successfully installed on workboats and large pleasure crafts.
The unit is made entirely from bronze and stainless steel
and offers many years of troublefree service. Because of our
die-casting process the performance and accuracy of this
product is unique.
Soleniod valves installed on a steering system must be of the
soft shift type. If multiple solenoids are used, they must be of
a closed center type.
33.0 lbs. (15.0 kg)
Max Supply Pressure
1500 psi (103 bar)
2000 PSI (138 bar)
Max Output Flow
20 gpm (75 L/min)
60 gpm (227 L/min)
Servo Cylinder Displacement
13.2 cu. in. (216 cu. cm)
30.2 cu. in. (495 cu. cm)
14" (356 mm)
20 5/8" (524 mm)
19 9/16" (497 mm)
21 1/16" (535 mm)
9 1/2" (241 mm)
9 1/4" (235 mm)
4 7/8" (124 mm)
6 3/8" (162 mm)
11 1/2" (292 mm)
11 1/2" (292 mm)
3/4"-16 "O"- ring fitting
1 5/16" - 12 NF "O"-ring fitting
1/2" NPT
1 5/8" - 12 NF "O"-ring fitting
3/4"-16 "O"-ring fitting
1 5/8" - 12 NF "O"-ring fitting
9/16"-18 NF "O"-ring fitting 9/16"-18 NF "O"-ring fitting
Note: please specify the type of VDC solenoid you need.
U.S. Patent No. 4,375,771
Canadian Patent No. 1180958
H1, H2
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