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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
The purpose of the 7145 is to provide either two or three speeds for
steering gear. On a steering system having an autopilot, full power
follow-up, both hydraulic and electronic, it becomes essential to
have more than one rudder speed. The 7145 with closed center
spools can provide two or three speed operations and also an auto-
fill line in the header tank. By energizing one solenoid valve and
setting the flow control for the appropriate speed, the rudder can
be controlled by full-power follow up operations and by setting the
flow control of the second solenoid, the rudder can be controlled
at a slower speed by an autopilot. If both valves are open at the
same time, a third speed can be obtained, for jogging the rudder
hardover to hardover. The maximum flow-through capacity will
not exceed the needle-valve setting. The maximum flow capacity
with both valves fully open is twelve gallons per minute. Volume
compensated pumps are recommended.
Ordering Information:
Manifold Without Solenoid
Small Flow Manifold Without Solenoid
7145-DC12 With 12 Volt Solenoid
7145-DC24 With 24 Volt Solenoid
7145-DC32 With 32 Volt Solenoid
7145-AC110 With 110 Volt AC Solenoid
A To Cylinder
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
B To Cylinder
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
T Tank
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
P Pressure
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
F Auto Fill
1/8” NPT
L Large Flow
S Small Flow
When more than one spool valve is used in a system, they should
all be closed center. We recommend using soft shift solenoid
valves for a quieter and smoother system.
15.4 lbs. (7.0 kg)
7 1 4 5
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