SAILTEC's Kobelt Hydraulische Steuerung Katalog - page 31

h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
The 7144 is equipped with a flow control to provide an adjustable
speed for rudder positioning. It also provides a flow control for
an auto-fill system. This small flow control can be adjusted to
provide a very small volume of oil to be delivered to the header
tank. The header tank, in turn, will require an overflow line to the
main tank. The basic purpose for the adapter base is to provide
control over the rudder in either direction. Its maximum flow
capacity is six gallons per minute, and it can be equipped with
either an open or a closed center solenoid valve. If more than
one valve is used with a single system, a closed center solenoid
valve is required on both. It is also recommended to have volume
compensated pumps in the steering gear system to reduce heat
and for better economy.
6.6 lbs. (3.0 kg)
Ordering Information:
Manifold Without Solenoid
Small Flow Manifold Without Solenoid
7144-DC12 With 12 Volt Solenoid
7144-DC24 With 24 Volt Solenoid
7144-DC32 With 32 Volt Solenoid
7144-AC110 With 110 Volt AC Solenoid
A To Cylinder 9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
B To Cylinder 9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
T Tank
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
P Pressure
9/16"-18 “O” Ring Fitting
F Auto Fill
1/8" NPT
L Large Flow
S Small Flow
7 1 4 4
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