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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
Over the years, Kobelt Manufacturing has grown into segments of marine steering gear
and control equipment, and many of our customers have asked us to provide them with
steering gear for outboard motors made with corrosion-resistant materials. We are,
therefore, very pleased to announce our all-bronze and stainless steel steering gear for
outboard motors. This product line is engineered and manufactured to our high standard
of excellence. The Model 7031 helm pump has a volume of 2 cu. in. per turn. If larger
volumes are required please refer to helm pump Models 7003, 7005, and 7012. The Model
7031 does not have an adjustable displacement and is fixed at 2 cu. in. Our Models 7032
and 7033 are front­-mounted cylinders and our Model 7030 is a side-mount cylinder. The
model 7030 is also available in an unbalanced version. Models 7004 and 7031 can be
mounted at an angle.
Patent #5466130
These cylinders are ideally suited for outboard motors up to 300 HP. The standard
stroke is shown in the table below. Any stroke can be made, but might not be in
stock. The cylinders can also be epoxy-coated.
The 7030 cylinder attaches to the tilt tube. The cylinder rod passes through the
tube and is connected to a link provided with the motor.
The 7032 cylinder is meant for front mounting to older model outboards. It can be
used for twin outboards.
The 7033 cylinder can be attached directly onto late-model outboard motor
brackets. The provided draglink connects the cylinder rod onto the motor tiller
arm with stainless steel shoulder bolts. The swiveling arrangement allows the
cylinder to be raised or lowered to suit the height of the tiller arm.
CYLINDER max pressure standard stroke tube i.d.
piston rod dia.
PSI (bar)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
lbs. (kg)
1000 (68.7)
8 (203.2)
1-1/4 (31.75)
5/8 (15.9)
7.37 (121)
1/4” N.P.T.
6.6 (3.0)
1000 (68.7)
7-1/2 (190.5)
1-1/4 (31.75)
5/8 (15.9)
6.9 (113)
1/4” N.P.T.
11.0 (5.0)
1000 (68.7)
7-1/2 (190.5)
1-1/2 (38.10)
3/4 (19.1)
9.9 (162)
1/4” N.P.T.
11.0 (5.0)
Note: Other strokes are
available on request.
Products are covered under
Patents: 5601463, 5471909
16 lbs. (7.3 kg)
Classic Mounting
Bolt-on Mounting
Kobelt Manufacturing has developed unique tiebars for multi outboard motor mechanical interconnection. The purpose is to
synchronize the movement of two or more outboard motors in order to obtain the same steering angle. These tiebars are available
in various lengths and custom made ones are also readily available. The thread on the ends is 4" long so that it may be cut by the
installer, providing a cleaner fit. The tiebars are constructed entirely in bronze and stainless steel.
To synchronize the outboard motors. Only to be used in
combination with 7030, 7032 or 7033 models.
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