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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
Kobelt Manufacturing makes steering cylinders from 1.25" I.D.
to 10" I.D. The smaller models, up to 3.5" I.D., are made from
bronze and stainless steel.
On the larger series, the cylinder tube and spherical bearings are
made from steel. On the larger cylinders, adjustable rudder stops
and “V” packings with adjustable packing nuts, are available.
Our Models 7040, 7050, 7065, 7080, 7085, 7087 and 7093 are
available in both balanced and unbalanced versions. The larger
cylinder models 7094, 7095, 7096, 7097, 7098 and 7100 are
not available in a balanced version. When using unbalanced
cylinders, two or more must be used in a steering system.
The tables indicate rudder torque for both single and twin
cylinder steering applications.
If a single cylinder is used in a manual hydraulic steering
system, it is of utmost importance that the single cylinder
is of a balanced type. “Balanced” means that the cylinder
piston rod extends out of the cylinder at both ends. This will
give a balanced torque as well as equal volume displacement
in both directions. The manual Helm Pump has a relatively
small reservoir and using an unbalanced cylinder would cause
the reservoir to overflow or the pump to run empty, which is
“Unbalanced” cylinders have the piston rod extending from the
cylinder only on one side. Since two cylinders are connected to
the same Tiller Arm or steering system, the volumes are balanced
out again. The lines from the source of hydraulic pressure are
crossed at the cylinders, providing equal volume displacement in
both directions.
Ordering Options
B Balanced – specify stroke in inches
U Unbalanced – specify stroke in inches
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