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h y d r a u l i c s t e e r i n g a n d a c c e s s o r i e s
Kobelt Manufacturing produces five different Helm Pumps,
all of which are made from bronze and stainless steel, with
the exception of the thrust and roller bearings and, of course,
hardened and ground pistons. These Helm Pumps can be
installed in any location on the vessel because of their durable
materials and watertight construction.
The Helm Pumps incorporate lock valves, filler plugs and
interconnecting plugs for multi-station applications. A front
mounting plate is available (optional) for all pumps, where the
pump is mounted behind the console face. The following Kobelt
Hydraulic Pumps are based on the same design and are of the
VARIABLE DELIVERY TYPE. The delivery of these pumps is fully
adjustable, with easy-to-alter output flow as simple as turning
an external adjusting screw on the pumps’ front face with a
standard screwdriver.
Model 7003 1 - 3 cu. inches displacement per turn.
Model 7005 2 - 6 cu. inches displacement per turn.
Model 7012 4 - 12 cu. inches displacement per turn.
Helm Pump volumes are nominal
These pumps have been extremely well received by the industry,
because of their variable displacement capability, which allows
the operator to select the number of turns from hardover to
hardover, without installing a different pump.
For manual hydraulic systems, under normal conditions, the load
on the steering wheel rim should not exceed 36 ft. lbs. (16 kg),
and generally the hydraulic system pressure should not exceed
650 PSI (45 bar) for small helm pumps or 400 PSI (30 bar) for
larger versions.
For electro-hydraulic systems on emergency-driven hydraulic
pumps, the steering angle that must be maintained manually,
in case the power fails, is only 15º to either side. At 15º the
rudder torque is easily controlled with a helm pump and the
helmsman will have no problem maintaining the steering.
One must remember that producing 12 cubic inches per turn at
600 PSI requires a tremendous amount of human effort, and it is
not practical to expect a person to produce this kind of pressure
and volume continuously.
Ordering Options
A Bronze Finish
B Black Epoxy Finish
L Long Shaft
N Short Shaft
P Porting Block (no lock valve)
T Tapered Shaft
“T” is standard with Model No. 7003, optional with Model No. 7005.
Mounting plates can be ordered as well. They should be ordered with the
pump number plus -0011. A letter would then be added for finish, e.g.
7003-0011B = Black mounting plate for 7003 pump.
Kobelt Model 7035 Tilt Up Steering
This patented Kobelt design eliminates the universal joint –
instead the whole helm pump moves with the wheel when rotated
up or down so you don’t need to worry about leaks or failures.
The tilting mechanism provides 5 locking positions at 10°
increments for a total movement of 50°. This unit is available
with helm pumps Model No. 7031 or Model No. 7004.
The 7031 has 2 or (7031-X) 2.6 volume per turn. Model
No. 7004 has 3.4 or (7004-X) 4.5 volume per turn.
The tilt up mechanism and the helm pumps are constructed in
bronze with stainless steel hardware.
Due to the simplified construction and selection of superb
materials, this pump will outlast any other product on the market.
7035-OX 4.5
h e l m p u m p s
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