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The Nova Davit™ system represents the “State of the Art” for styling and function. Versatile mounting designs assure a perfect
fit with an offshore strength standard. Like all Nova products, a very high standard of finish will make the right statement about
your boat. The neat folding feature stows the davit system flush with your boat’s stern. The maximum safe working load is
350 lbs. per pair (175 lbs. per arm).
Our Nova products combine elegant styling with superb strength and function. The
Patented Nova Lifts use internally led purchase to keep the lifting arm centered over
the load. Other brands swing left and right without control. Another valuable feature is
the internal lead to your cockpit winch where you have loads of lifting power to make
the job easy! No external block & tackle.
Nova Lift™ comes with a stainless steel lower mounting tube that will accommodate
30” height rails. Vessels with rails higher than 30” will require the use of a deck pad (not
included) to raise the installation to the proper height.
The Nova Lift™ with winch is ideal for trawlers and motor yachts
where sailboat winches are not available.
Part No.
Nova Lift™
Nova Lift™ With Winch
Outboard Motor Sling
1-1/4” Rail Adaptor
2-5” Optional
Stand Off Bracket
Nova Lift ™
Nova Lift ™ With Winch
Nova Davit™ Conveniently folds inwards to maintain boat
slip length or remove them completely for stowage or racing.
350 lbs. Safe Working Load Per Pair
Light Weight, Strong 316 Stainless Steel
Part No.
Model No.
Nova Davit™
Optional 1-1/4 Rail Mount Kit
Systems come with a clamp to
suit standard 1” diameter rails.
Optional 1-1/4” Rail Clamp
P/N 153387
Overall length of arm = 52”
(Removed for stowage)
Arm height above top
of Mount Tube = 31”
Mount tube
Line exit to base surface = 6-1/2”
Reach = 16.6”
220 lbs. Maximum Load
Foot Base
Diameter = 3”
Max. angle = 60˚
3 x 1/4” holes
Base Swivels
Double sheave head is built inte-
grally for increased strength, clean
lines and light weight.
Height above rail
generally 10” but
can alter with foot
Quick release pin
Existing stern rail
Fits Rails from
23” to 32” High
Rail clamp stub
Leg is double thickness to
increase strength.
Bottom of Leg may need
trimming to get
correct height.
Base socket assembly
tilts to deck or transom
angle and allows davits
to rotate inward for more
compact stowage.
Maximum reach from rail or transom face 45”
Stand Off Bracket
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