SAILTEC's Cantalupi SEALED Katalog 2015 - page 66

This catalogue overtakes and replaces the previous ones.
All the products shown in the catalogue are manufactured
in compliance with the European safety directives.
The details about the conformity of the products can be
found in the datasheets or in the instruction manuals.
Because of the constant evolution of the LED technology,
the technical features of products manufactured in different
periods may show up some slight differences, in particular
concerning inishing or luminous lux, in order to enhance
unceasingly performances and quality.
All the statements listed in this catalogue are indicative and
they cannot be considered as binding for the company.
Cantalupi Lighting reserves the right of modifying the
products in order to improve their technical or quality
features, even without prior notice.
Cantalupi Lighting reserves the right of discontinuing or
replacing products inside this catalogue.
Any eventual changes will be communicated to the
customers at the moment of the quotation or of the
purchase order.
For any further information please contact our customer
care service.
Pictures and drawings in this catalogue may be used
only as supports of advertising and promotional material
concerning our products and our company.
No picture or symbol extracted from our catalogue may be
used without the consent of Cantalupi Lighting Srl.
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