SAILTEC's Cantalupi SEALED Katalog 2015 - page 5

lights are made in stainless steel (AISI 316L) to be installed
underwater on both steel hulls with weld-in cofferdam and thru-hull on
iberglass hulls. They are designed according to the IP68 (CEI-EN 60529)
rules and regulations. All SEALED
lights are easy-to-service and inspectable
from the inside of the yacht without hauling the hull out of the water thanks to
their great accessibility. The SEALED
grant the maximum security onboard
beacuse they are designed to it the purpose and tested to resist the highest
pressures and impacts.
are more secure for the highest safety onboard: they offer up
to three security levels against an accidental water ingress.
The photometric data are measured in our laboratories using the most advanced
instruments and procedures i.e. Lux and Lumens are measured on a three axis
plan. The data are then elaborated by a special software whose output are the
photometric curve, the lighting lux and the beam angle. The procedures are
compliant with the international UNI EN 13032, CIE 121 regulations.
Every LED used on the SEALED
is binned by the supplier and factory-tested
to guarantee the consistency with the same colour temperature and working
parameters for each LED.
Thermal tests are executed in our labs by highly qualiied operators. The tests,
according to the regulations, are run using seven probes to control the temperature
on the cofferdam and the mechanic parts of the light body
(three probes are dedicated to the measurement of the LED temperature and one
probe is for the control of the temperature inside the cofferdam).
The thermal tests are run for 24h and the data are constantly checked then
communicated to the certiicantion authority. We care very much about the test
and the resulting data putting ourselves always in the worst conditions even if they
are less likely to be real. We prefer to over-stress the components simulating the
extreme operating conditions to guarantee the perfect LED light to our customers.
iP68 W
The watertight test is executed in our specialized labs. The tests procedures are
compliant to the IP6X / IPX8 procedures:
• IP6X Test: control of the penetration of the powder in a vacuum room for a
period of 24h.
• IPX8 Test: control of the hydraulic pressure of a SEALED installed underwater
and tested using a pressure of 240 kPa for a period of 24h.
At the end of the IP6X/IPX8 tests, the test is repeated taking off the lens to check
the tightness of the safety barriers.
This inal test is run over a period of 24h; the same IPX8 test is made for the back
door and the cable gland of the cofferdam.
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